Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hubble and Horton

Inestimable, immeasurable, incalculable, fathomless, infinite, inexhaustible, unbounded, limitless; and these are just the descriptors of the universe! What of the God Who made it?

I just read another cosmologist reflection of Hubble’s recent photography who said, “Wow! I don’t get it….we’re dust mites in the bigger scheme of things...” He (or she) went on to say something like this; if pre-Copernicus thinking was drearily limited on the inside of all that we were, how many ways can this view of the infinite universe change us now? (Here’s that link: http://blog.speakingoffaith.org/post/189520874/the-wonder-of-the-cosmos-through-an-upgradedspeakingoffaith.publicradio.org/programs/2010/asteroids/ )

Before Copernicus we surmised the sun was out there to serve us by revolving around the earth. That view built into human reasoning a shrunken and withered estimate of God and us. Now we know there are trillions of suns and not one of them gives a centimeter of revolving response to the earth. To me, this does not diminish the earth, indeed, it expands our existence and upgrades every possible vision of God.

When Horton heard a Who, his community laughed him to scorn. But dear old Horton could not un-hear what he had heard as surely as we can not un-see what Hubble has seen! If you will…Hubble has seen a Who… and I love how that freaks me out!

Who to you….BOO!