Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heirs of the World

I'm enjoying Romans chapter four these days. Massive doses of "oh, my lanta" come to mind when I allow the raw material from these words strike me with any reality or honesty. Need a for instance?

Abraham is called an heir of the world and we are collectively considered partnered heirs with him. Now, the difference between him and most of us is that he acted like an heir of the world and too many of us don't give it much thought. The upshot of that is that God saw Abe's faith, liked it so much (what's not to like about a 100 year old man believing for a baby) that He just decided that Abraham should get a free season pass to being a righteous man.

Now, mind you, Abraham got this righteous season pass NOT for believing for being forgiven of his sins, going to heaven, etc. That's the stuff we spend an inordinate amount time obsessing about. Abraham believed God for becoming a father at 100 and through that miracle, becoming an heir of the world! That kind of absurd faith just made God's mood elevate right through His heavenly roof. God said, "Whatever else this guy does or does not do, I declare him right."

So I've been thinking about giving God another reason for a good mood. I've been considering raising my own faith to some absurd level. Praying outside safe boundries. Preaching like my life depends on it. Living spiritual abundance enough to leave hands full of the Kingdom of God in my wake. Some goof balls stare at spoons and try to bend them. I'm staring at mountains and I am determined to see them move.

Here's the way I've got it figured: if I am nothing else except a man believing God absurdly, I figure that God will, at the very least say, "Wow. He's entertaining. Let's give him one of those free righteous passes....Hmmmm....and, hey! All heavenly hosts and resources. Listen up! Let's vaporize a mountain for Randy just to see the expression on his face!"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Too Long, No Blog!

My apologies for the long pause between blogging. Hang with me. Google has had some "issues" with their blog site and I've been locked out of my blog for almost 2 weeks. Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Not About "Them"...

It's not about them, it's about us. It's not about the "world", it's about the church. "They" aren't the problem, we are. If we shine, they will see. If we are salt, they will taste AND see. We must get off the world's back, get on our knees and repent.

What if we loved "them" the way God loves "us"? What if an epedemic of forgiveness swept through the people of God, so widespread, so contagious, so prolific, and so virulent that no sin, no wrong done, no past issue, NOTHING mattered more than being a river of God with trees growing on our banks that produced leaves that healed entire nations?

It's not about their sin, it's about our ignorance.

I'm not the least bit concerned about a documentary claiming to disprove the resurrection of Christ. That's the nature of unbelief. I'm far more concerned about Christians whose living shows no evidence of resurrected life. The uninformed may be convinced by this documentary, not because it is compelling, but because we have not been compelling.

It's not about "them".