Wednesday, January 02, 2019

"No BS Bishop" Podcast January 3, 2019

Beginning January 3, 2019 I am beginning my podcast ~ No BS Bishop. I have dreamed of this platform for speaking my heart for a very long time.

At the age 65 with 45 years of pastoral ministry under my belt, I believe I have some things to say... beyond the sterile, outside the simplistic, seizing the sublime, and reaching for the supernatural. Why? Because all of the above is what Jesus Christ demonstrated in His courageous "no BS" life and ministry.

The complexities of the 21st Century are no surprise to God. I'm convinced that God has always been far and away more than enough to answer all of humanity's diversity. As Time and Eternity have always been transcendent to our wristwatch/calendar driven idolatry, so God sees it all and invites us to "come up here" (Revelation 4:1) in order for us to see it all along with, and not in some other dreamy time after we die.

Tune in. I promise to dodge the BS of standardized Religion Inc., the politicized partisanship of the Evangelical Sons of Thunder, and the pitiful/sad unnecesary avoidance of mysterious supernatural expectations.

No BS. All Bishop. Join me for the fun.

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Jarred Buller said...

Where do we find your podcast tomorrow? Itunes, sound cloud, or right here?

Randy Dean Ministries said...

To be determined Jarred...I'll let everyone know tomorrow afternoon.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to it!